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How Not To Lose Your Life Savings to Fraudulent Investments and Advisors

How Not to Lose Your Life Savings to Fraudulent Investments.
As a former stockbroker turned fraud examiner, I am always dismayed when I hear about another investor getting swindled out of their life savings. It hurts the reputation of not only the firm involved but the industry as a whole. The securities industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in Canada with Investment Advisers being carefully screened, regulated and monitored. The firms are also highly regulated, by Provincial Securities Regulators, National Securities Regulators and their in house Compliance Departments.

Fraud & Risk Management for S&M Enterprises

We are pleased to have added a Blog to our site. We will be covering topics that affect Small & Medium Enterprises such as Investment Fraud, Corporate Culture and Fraud, Corporate Identity Theft and Enterprise Risk Management. We encourage our many clients and friends to offer suggestions and comments. More to come shortly.

Fraud In S&M sized Businesses

We are excited about adding a blog to our site. It is our intentions to cover topics in Fraud and Risk Management that affect Small and Medium Enterprises. Planned topics will include Investment Fraud, Corporate Culture and Fraud, Retail and Hospitality Fraud, and Enterprise Risk Management.
We welcome comments from our many friends and clients. Check back later for our first blog.
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